Sarah Rebolloso McCullough

Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, PhD, works as the Associate Director of the Feminist Research Institute at UC Davis. She creates meaningful and respectful dialogue across boundaries that typically divide—between universities and communities, activists and researchers, scientists and humanists, workers and policymakers. Her book manuscript examines the process through which experiences of fun became a sellable commodity by examining the origins and growth of mountain biking. She also conducts applied research on cultural adaptations to climate change with a focus on sustainable transportation through the Bicicultures project.

Fashion and dress remain one of her areas of interest, particularly as it relates to embodiment, technology, and sports. McCullough is also published in Fashion Theory in a special issue on Dress and the African Diaspora, and assisted in the production of two short videos on fashion and textiles: Fifty-Fifty (on athleticism and femininity in roller derby) and Wash and Reuse (on reusable medical textiles).

More information can be found on her website.


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