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First year graduate student in Textile and Clothing, UC Davis. Interested in bridging fashion, art and material through studying the practice of authentic Chinese fashion.

Why Insoles?

 What is Insole? Before answer “why insoles”, I have to first ponder on “what is insole”. Where does it fit in the fashion-style-dress complex? Does it fall under the category of clothing, handcraft or art? According to the definitions in … Continue reading

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Embroidered insoles in modern China

Insole is a common type of foot wear in China, hidden but full of meanings. The fact that it is hidden from sight doesn’t lessen its exquisiteness in craftsmanship and its richness in cultural meanings. It perfectly exemplifies the combination of … Continue reading

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What is fashion?

Fashion is the most popular group of girls in high school that everyone love, hate, follow, despise, and above all, want to be a part of. Fashion is salt, the indispensible ingredient that brings out the flavors in all treats … Continue reading

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