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Nan Turner a lecturere at UC Davis and Sacramento State. She earned her Masters Degree student in Textiles and Clothing in 2011. Nan earned her BS in Design from UC Davis, then studied Fashion Design at Parson School of Design in New York City. Nan career has included working as an assistant designer in the Haute Couture in Paris, a Career and Casual sportswear designer for Liz Claiborne and Federated Department Stores in New York City and a Technical Designer for A&F in Columbus, Ohio. Most recently, she worked with Charles Kleibacker on his exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, “Class Act”, and at Ohio State as a volunteer in the Historic Costume Collection. Her interests include fashion history and WWII, sustainability, woman's relationships with their wardrobes, teaching and Mad Men. She is a member of the Costume Society of America.


My friend, Mary Jean Gladfelter Hogg, keeps her grandmother’s wedding dress hung on a tiny dress form in her bedroom. Mary Agnes Yost Gladfelter, 20 years old, was married April 29, 1898. Her dress is a fine deep brown wool, it’s … Continue reading

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John Galliano

“I’m a cork on the ocean Floating over the raging sea How deep is the ocean? How deep is the ocean? I lost my way”                                Brian Wilson

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My Father Loved Cars

I have fond memories of the cool cars that my father owned which always seemed to be getting wash in the front drive way while I was growing up. My father’s love of cars went back to his youth; I … Continue reading

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Why Fashion Research?

Fashion is superficial and supercilious; or is it? All human beings wear clothes everyday because unlike other species; the skin we were born with was not sufficient. Where did humans go wrong? Why does my cat wear a beautiful fur … Continue reading

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