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How do I identify myself? Hm... So many roles attached to me. First of all, I am a mom of three children. Second, I am married to a man whose last name is Yang, not Chinese but Korean. Third, my nationality written in my passport is "Republic of Korea" (it's South Korea). Fourth, I am currently a visiting scholar at UC Davis under Dr. Kaiser; it's already my second year in 2016. Fifth, I had been a TV costume designer for 12 years in South Korea at Korean Broadcasting System [KBS] since 2002. Sixth, I do have Ph.D from Seoul National University (Dept. Clothing and Textiles)... I wasn't so much interested in power relations behind fashion before I came to the UC Davis. From here, in Davis, and working with Dr. Kaiser, I feel like I am "standing on the shoulders of giants." I definitely have learned to see the world in wider and expanded perspectives. Owing to this precious time and space, I feel I am, fortunately, becoming an adult.

Erotically materialized Papa Smurf’s costume

“I had never really thought of exploring the concept of eroticizing the Smurfs characters but the more I researched and read about the adult interpretations, I found it quite entertaining.” ( The adult Smurfs image, Tom of Finland Smurfs (left), was created … Continue reading

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