It’s Favorite Fashion Blog Friday!


Why are humans so often inhumane? And what fashion blogs should I read this weekend?

We’re quickly finding out that one of the biggest perks of running this site is discovering the smart, funny, and insightful things other people are writing about fashion. And we’re using the word in its broadest sense here, because how we fashion ourselves encompasses more than just clothes.

So, we know you’re already reading The Beheld and Worn Through. What are your other favorites? Let’s make this a weekly feature!

This week, we Fashion Researchers are enjoying something old and something new.


How is my 18th century hair so shiny all the time?

Always a good time is Frock Flicks’ take on the ways that history gets translated (mistranslated, retranslated) in film. I haven’t listened to the Poldark podcast yet. I’m waiting until I can find a rocky cliff to stand at the edge of while I stare broodingly at the horizon and ponder the accuracy of Demelza’s hairdo.

Conscious Collegiette is a newer pleasure. So far, it’s a witty, engaging, and critical exploration of how to cultivate a personal style while being a conscious consumer. And a recent post on online consignment shopping includes a serious discussion of the relative merits of glitter washed jeans. So obviously We Are In.


Ross contemplates the beauty and cruelty of nature, and also what blogs we should feature next week.(These cliff-brooding pictures will never stop being funny)

About saratatyana

Sara T. Bernstein, Ph.D. has been writing about and teaching media, cultural and fashion studies for over a decade. She's served as a contributor and reviews editor for the Fashion, Style and Popular Culture Journal, contributed to Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty and published essays on subjects ranging from fashion in the work of Charlotte Bronte, to the meaning of luxury, to feminist pedagogy. She teaches visual culture, media, and fashion studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art.
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4 Responses to It’s Favorite Fashion Blog Friday!

  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Let’s see—there are so many, and then Google shut down their RSS feed and now I’ve lost half my links. Off the top of my head:

    * Vestoj: (academic)
    * Worn Journal: (history, commentary, interviews—sadly defunct but definitely worth getting the Worn Archive):
    * The Closet Feminist: (more pop-based; makes nice points)
    * Already Pretty: (service-based but Sally is wicked smaht and it shows in both the approach to service and in the weekly critical pieces)
    * Phoebe Maltz Bovy only occasionally writes on style, but when she does, it’s brilliant:
    * Reluctant Femme: (personal blog; nice critical takes)

    I’m bummed that Decoding Dress has made her Tumblr private (including to former followers)—she had great stuff and you’d have loved it. If I see her posting publicly again I’ll let you know.

    In the past few years there seems to have been a shift in more professional outlets paying attention to this stuff—The Cut, Slate, etc. Which is great! But I miss the bloggier days too.

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  2. saratatyana says:

    Autumn, this list is fantastic! At some point in grad school I stopped reading anything that wasn’t directly related to my dissertation or fantasy novels aimed at fourteen year olds. It’s nice to come back. Interesting about the shift…I guess I noticed it, but didn’t think about what it means for the kind of content that’s out there, and how people find it.


  3. What a lovely surprise – thank you for the shout out! And YES! I’m so happy to finally find someone who understands the wonders of glitter 😉
    Some not-yet-mentioned reads I’d recommend include the ever-so-popular Man Repeller as well as Your Green City ( There are definitely more – and I’m always looking for more – so I can’t wait to explore the ones linked in this post! -DC


  4. saratatyana says:

    Ha! Yeah, I might be a little too enthusiastic when it comes to sparkly things. Your Green City looks great! And Man Repeller is definitely worth talking about. Didn’t manage to post a round up this week, but there is more to come.Thanks for the tips!


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