What is Fashion Research?

I’m not sure I can add to what has already been written. For me, Fashion Research is about understanding how fashion – as in industry, a particular history, an ideology, an institution – enables the production of subjects, creates and constrains processes of subjectivity, and functions as a tool for negotiating meaning. This is all very theoretical, but the great thing about fashion is that it is theory made tangible. Because it operates on and through bodies and produces (often unequal) relationships among people (as designers, garment workers, individual consumers, etc.) fashion is also deeply political.

About saratatyana

Sara T. Bernstein, Ph.D. has been writing about and teaching media, cultural and fashion studies for over a decade. She's served as a contributor and reviews editor for the Fashion, Style and Popular Culture Journal, contributed to Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty and published essays on subjects ranging from fashion in the work of Charlotte Bronte, to the meaning of luxury, to feminist pedagogy. She teaches visual culture, media, and fashion studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art.
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