What is fashion?

Fashion is the most popular group of girls in high school that everyone love, hate, follow, despise, and above all, want to be a part of. Fashion is salt, the indispensible ingredient that brings out the flavors in all treats of life. Fashion is the material embodiment of culture and the visual statement of self. Fashion is knowledgeable sexiness, palpitating coolness, and playful seriousness. Fashion is a fairy tale that weaves dreams and delivers fantasies. Fashion is a vampire, a fresh look young men with hundreds years of memories, cold and beautiful, passionate and ruthless. Fashion is what women scream at and what men whisper about. Fashion tells stories about history, cultures and communities. Fashion mirrors politics, economics and mentalities. Fashion is an outlet for anxieties and a playground for ambiguity. Fashion makes us think about gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, as well as materiality, sustainability and humanity. Fashion is a book without an end; fashion is a dictionary without a language; fashion is a law without paper trail;and fashion is a music of heart without sound…

About Yuchen

First year graduate student in Textile and Clothing, UC Davis. Interested in bridging fashion, art and material through studying the practice of authentic Chinese fashion.
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